How do I clean The 1.3L Cold Brew Coffee Maker?

Cleaning The Cold Brew Coffee Maker is easy. Start by disassembling all of the components then simply wash each component under warm running water using soap and a sponge. Set the components out to air dry or gently pat them dry with a soft towel. Cleaning is fast and should take approximately two minutes.


Is The 1.3L Cold Brew Coffee Maker dishwasher safe?

Yes! All components are dishwasher safe.


What grind level is recommended?

We recommend using coarsely ground coffee which allows for the smoothest and most delicious flavor extraction. Finely ground coffee is okay too, but may result in fine particles escaping into your brew. We encourage you to experiment with grind level to discover what works best for you.


Can I use The 1.3L Cold Brew Coffee Maker to make tea or infused water?

The Cold Brew Coffee Maker makes delicious iced tea. Simply add your tea leaves to the removable mesh filter core (instead of adding coffee) and adjust your brew time accordingly. To make infused water, add your favorite chopped fruits and allow them to marinate for 12-24 hours before serving.


Can I make hot coffee with The 1.3L Cold Brew Coffee Maker?

Absolutely! We actually recommend using The Cold Brew Coffee Maker if hot coffee is your go-to drink. First, allow your Cold Brew to complete its brew cycle. Instead of diluting your Cold Brew Concentrate with cold or room temperature water, simply add hot or boiling water. Your hot cup of coffee will taste richer, less acidic and more delicious then ever.

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