The Five Real Reasons Cold Brew Coffee Is All The Hype

Modern day cold brew coffee has become a staple in cafes and homes around the world. Even Starbucks is brewing it in-house. But what differentiates it from regular ice coffee? Cold brew coffee, also known as cold pressed coffee, employs coarsely ground coffee beans steeped in cold water for upwards of 12 hours with zero exposure to hot water. It is rapidly developing a reputation for being superior to hot brewed coffee. We are here to give you five reasons why.


Cold Brew Is Versatile

Cold brew can be consumed iced or hot and has roots dating back centuries. It was originally developed by Vikings and merchants as a better way to transport large amounts of coffee. Airtight containers didn’t exist back then. Early adapters found it easier brewing stronger concentrations using cold water simply because it would stay fresh longer and not go stale (like coffee beans) due to the humidity on ships. People still wanted hot coffee though, so they would cut the bold flavor of cold brew with boiling water.


Iced Cold Brew Coffee and Milk Half and Half Coffee Panda Cold Brew Coffee Maker


Cold brewing is an extensive brewing process yielding a concentrate rich in caffeine and flavor. The simplest way to cut the strong flavor is to add water; however, sugar, cream and even flavored syrups will suffice without masking the natural flavor of the coffee. If you’re looking for a quick burst of energy similar to that of an espresso shot, try drinking your cold brew uncut. You won’t regret it!


Less Acidity...Your Tummy Will Thank You For It

It’s no secret that cold brew has a reputation for being far less acidic than its hot brewed counterpart. Up to 60% less in some cases. Far less acidity is extracted from the grounds due to the lack of heat used in the brewing process making cold brew the perfect solution for individuals easily troubled by acidic foods.


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Consuming a less acidic cup of joe has other benefits as well. It helps your body maintain a steady pH level and reduce the symptoms of acid reflux all while still providing that heavy dose of caffeine you crave. Some will even say cold brew has sweeter tasting notes due to the missing acid component.


Stick To Hot Coffee If You Like Bitterness

Do you ever find yourself squinting after that first sip of coffee in the morning? That’s due to the bitterness hitting your taste buds. And it hits hard! Regular iced coffee is often brewed at double strength through a standard drip coffee brewer and diluted with ice or water. While this brewing method works, the result isn’t nearly as rich and flavorful as cold brew.


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Cold brew lacks bitterness due to its slow brewing process. Cool water prevents extraction of bitterness and negative flavor components from coffee grounds. Soluble compounds do not break down in cool water resulting in bold coffee without bitterness. If you dig bitterness, simply lengthen the brewing process of your batch by 10 -12 hours.


Larger Batches and Bulk Brewing 

Do you hate brewing coffee every single morning? Cold brew will save you a ton of time. It’s the ideal brewing method for making huge batches. Perfect for parties, large gatherings or even just to get you through those long work weeks. Cold brew can be made in just about any size container, but we recommend the Cold Brew Coffee Maker by Coffee Panda. It’s perfect brewing ratio (coffee to water), yields a 1300mL batch (neither too big nor too small) and fits in the side compartment of your refrigerator door for easy storage.


The Cold Brew Coffee Make by Coffee Panda


Brewed in bulk, your cold brew will stay fresh for up to a week in your fridge. Perfect for busy bees trying to save time in the morning.


Sky-High Caffeine Content 

It’s no secret cold brew coffee contains more caffeine per volume than most other brewing methods especially when not diluted before drinking. That’s right – less coffee for the same spike in alertness. Keep your cold brew steeping longer for higher caffeine contents. For even bigger boosts use lighter roasts. Beware of the buzz, though. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


Cold Brew Vietnamese Coffee With Bahn Mi Cold Brew Coffee Maker by Coffee Panda


So, What Are You Waiting For? 

Overall, cold brew will be your companion in any weather condition. Drink it straight on a hot summer day or add hot water when it’s cold and rainy outside. Regardless of the weather, all coffee lovers should give cold brew a chance. We promise the simplistic brewing process and rich, acid-free flavors will reward you handsomely.

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