Our Top Five Favorite Coffee Accounts On Instagram

Do you find yourself endlessly scrolling your Instagram feed in search of something interesting? Did you know there’scoffee professionals and enthusiasts out there spreading their knowledge and passion throughout social media? If you love coffee as much as we do then check out these awesome Instagram accounts to help fuel your cravings.

@manualbrewonly     @manualbrewonly

We love this account because it features pictures of everyday people manually brewing coffee using basically every technique/method in existence. It’s inspiring for beginners because it presents social proof that you don’t have to be a professional barista to get started on this journey. They also feature many of the latest and trendiest brewing devices. Peruse this account once – next thing you know you’ll be busy in the kitchen crafting your next cup!


@thecappuccinotraveler    @thecappuccinotraveler

Crystal (The Cappuccino Traveler) is so passionate about coffee it’s contagious. She created the Coffee Caravan, a guided tour of local specialty coffee in her region, a few years ago. Since then she’s been traveling around the USA, experiencing local cafes, trying specialty coffees and sharing her travels through her blog and Instagram. Her cult is growing quickly and you’ll love her light-hearted approach to spreading her coffee knowledge to the masses.


@seandalt      @seandalt

Sean is a professional photographer by trade with an obsession for cafes. He’s a globetrotter working his way around Asia and the USA in search of the perfect cup and the best café vibes. His daily posts are stunningly beautiful. His feed is peppered with lattes, ristrettos and delicious deserts/snacks. Sean’s photos capture the energy, smells, tastes and sounds of each café he visits like no other café hopper in the world. Watch his feed long enough and you’ll find yourself inspired to create your own ideal morning coffee scene.


 @coldbrewchick    @coldbrewchick

Rachel Dillon loves cold brew and so do we! Frankly, it’s a match made in heaven. Follow Cold Brew Chick and you’ll always be up to speed on the latest bottled cold brew to hit the grocery store, the coolest cold brewing tools available and cafes where you can find the best cup of the cold stuff available. She’s also an expert in sharing tips and tricks to help you brew the perfect batch tailored to your taste buds. Cold brew lovers rejoice!


 @coffeeprops     @coffeeprops

 Scott at CoffeeProps is giving back to the coffee community by bringing coffee experts together virtually to share knowledge with beginners and ask questions about best-practices. Not to mention, he’s also posting some amazing photos. If you work in the coffee industry or are interested in getting involved then @coffeeprops is a good account to follow.

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